The NAFPP is pleased to offer our Find My Plan service, which is a single online search form to trace any lost prepaid funeral plan. Your application will be sent to whichever institutions you choose. There is no need to pay a fee to find your old plan.

How it works

Simply complete the search form using a valid email address, verify your email address and then submit the search form. We will share the request with our members and any provider who has a match for the results will reply to you directly. You will either receive an email or you will receive a letter. You will not receive any response from providers who do not hold a record that matches the search. No data will be retained of your search by the NAFPP or members who do not hold the plan you are enquiring about.

This service covers all plans provided by members of the NAFPP, and therefore nearly all providers in the market. You can see the list in the Our Members section of the website. The FCA website has a register of all companies authorised to provide pre-paid funeral plans.

Safe and secure

Your personal data will be safe with us. Read our privacy policy for further details.

How to Search

To help us find your lost plan we need as much information as possible. Please fill out the form as fully as you can.

It will help to have all the required information about the plan you are looking for to hand before you start,  see below for details.

Once you have finished, the information you give us will be sent to all of our members who might be holding your plan.

If you are aware of the provider who holds a plan we suggest you should first approach that member directly. If the original provider is no longer trading search our findmyplan section where you can look up the name of the provider who took on the plans held by that organisation.

Things to consider

  • Remember that a plan opened many years ago may not have been in a current married name.
  • Remember the plan may have been opened at a previous address.
  • Plans may have been set up by representatives, spouses, family members or in joint names which may have been recorded in differing formats by each provider.

 If you are not the planholder and they remain alive you will need their express authority, or the appropriate legal authority, to undertake the search. No information about plans will be shared until you have proved to the provider’s satisfaction that you have the appropriate authority and have successfully completed their identity checks.

Do not pay a fee of any kind to undertake the search for your old prepaid funeral plan. This service is FREE if you apply directly to the institution concerned or through this website.

Find my provider

Use this service if you have documents or the name of the company who sold the plan but can’t trace them.

Find my provider

Trace my plan

If you know a prepaid funeral plan was purchased, but you can’t find it use this service. Note that if you are searching for a missing life insurance policy this service will not be able to help you. Advice on tracing a missing life assurance policy can be found here.

Trace my plan