Our Mission

The National Association of Funeral Plan Providers represents the growing prepaid funeral plan sector. Following regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority in 2022, there are currently twenty-nine organisations holding authorisations to provide funeral plans to UK consumers. All are members of the NAFPP. These range from the biggest national brand names to local funeral directing firms and a number of smaller specialist providers. We promote and support the industry and campaign for a stable and sustainable future for funeral plans. The prepaid funeral plan environment, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority should provide additional peace of mind for more families. Planholders can be secure in the knowledge that the arrangements are protected against failure by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

In allowing their customers to make arrangements in advance our members strive to remove doubt from families and reduce the load at what is inevitably a stressful time.

We Campaign

Amid the relentless promotion of life assurance products on television and online the Association stands to promote the unique benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan. Our members’ simple proposition, a pre-payment at today‚Äôs prices for a future service provides a valuable hedge against future inflation with minimal risk.

Working to promote funeral plans through media coverage we champion the products, the sector and the good work done by our members. We also engage with regulators and the wider funeral sector on behalf of our members, disseminating information and trends, and encouraging members to share experiences and best practice. We do this to ensure the entire sector can provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

We Connect

We have a role to play in connecting customers to their provider. Whether you are looking for a new plan or over the years you have lost contact with an existing arrangement the tools in our findmyplan and findmyprovider pages help put you find the appropriate plan provider. These services are provided at at no cost to the customer.